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Chana for mataji ka prashad 

Whenever we worship goddess in any form let it be Durga, Gauri gaura, Kali Amba-mata. usually chana (chikpea) ( garbazo beans) is used in some or other form as prashad.

Chana for kanjaka in navaratri.
Kairichi daal( chana daal & raw mango chutany) for chaitra Gauri haldikunku.
Chana & milk for shravani haldikumkum..
Chana for Friday prashad..
Besan laddu in Diwali.

So many examples ..
Chana is associated in some or other form with goddess worships.& Chana is consumed.

Why so..
Let’s go for nutritional information of chana..
👉Good source of plant based protein.
👉Rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc.phophorus, iron
👉Good source of VIT K
👉Good source of carbohydrates.

There r majour occasion of goddess puja approximately 3 times a year.
2 navaratri & once in shravan.
Where Prashad is consumes in major proportions by women’s especially.
This rituals of haldikumkum, kanjaks..
Used to be major break for women’s in country to go out mix with other females and chill out plus consuming chana WAS CHERRY ON TOP work as a booster dose for many nutrients specially bone forming minerals. Women are list bothered about self care.and tend to niglect own health considerably.
This is very common scene in today’s era also when we talk about women empowerment women health is base of all activities.

So consuming chana at regular Intervals is a kind of booster dose of __CALCIUM, PHOSPHORUS MAGNESIUM, IRON
Helps to keep bone health & haemoglobin levels of women in check.

What a great way to consume essential nutrients. 

For many of us Dr. Do suggest regular intake of suppliments.. hear you have solution. Let’s all have some chana prashad regularly. Let’s be healthy.
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