On the occasion of ChaitraPratipadha / Gudi Padwa / Maharashtrian New Year!

On this day we have ritual to start day by eating neem leaves.
Perhaps it’s the only festival or day we start with something bitter to taste.

There is reason behind all our rituals..

This is start of summer & we can see lots of people suffering from cold, cough, acidity, indigestion, skin rash, fever, etc.

Neem has solution for all this.

  1.  Neem taken on empty stomach increases digestive enzymes.
  2.  Neem helps in deworming if taken regularly.
  3.  Neem consumption reduces cold & cough.
  4.  Regular consumption of Neem helps in cases of obesity & diabetes.
  5.  Using water boiled with Neem helps to reduce body odor.
  6.  Applying Neem paste on skin improves texture and reduces pimples.
  7.  It’s a good disinfectant so Neem water can be used to wash wounds & reduce dandruff. It also helps in skin diseases.


Take few tender leaves & flowers of Neem.
Add gud ( jaggery) 1-2 spoon.
Sweet Neem ( Curry leaves) 3-4 coriander.
Imli (tamarind) small portion.
Asafoetida ( Hing) pinch.
Jeera powder (cumen powder).
Ajwain (carom seeds).
Black salt a pinch.
Grind it well.

Have small spoon full of it empty stomach or before lunch. Eat it regularly for few days for best health benefits