Every Monday through this section will try to find out science behind our rituals and let’s check how they are useful to us..
Let’s follow them with our heart..

Why to make Rangoli at our door? How does it helps?

Rangolu, alpana, kolam it has many names..

Usually made with fine marble powder or sometimes rice powder & even flowers..

In olden times ppl used to have plenty of open space in front of house, where they used to make rangolies.Rangolies were made early morning..
What a fantastic way to get exposure to early morning sun daily and get                  lots of VIT D

Another reason creaping animals and insects like ants, snakes, scorpions etc..even cockroches usually don’t cross this lines of Rangoli so it was another way to be safe from them.

There is one major use of ranglo even these days..
Sight of Colourful, neetly drawn Rangoli
Makes you feel fresh.. reduces negativity..adds lots of positive thoughts & freshness in your mind.

Also for personmaking Rangoli..It’s kind of meditation.. person is lost so into it he or she feels better ,happy & light after Rangoli .

Again reducing negative thoughts & increasing positivity..
It’s a way to take out your emotions your feelings like all other arts..

So keep making beautiful rangolies..stay happy..stay healthy.

If you have questions about any of your rituals please inbox me will try to explain science behind it..